“Joy – her name is very fitting. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about editors being cold, mean, and more than constructively harsh but I have experienced absolutely none of that with her. From the moment I started working with her, she has been nothing less than fabulous. Joy serves as not only an inspiration for my future but also as a great mentor. Instead of pointing out all necessary edits directly, she gives me examples of what could be improved and allows me to re-read my work and find those areas myself. Her suggestions never fail to improve my articles. She engages me in my own writing and gives me the potential and room to grow as a writer. She will never change my work herself because she wants it to be my voice and not hers. Joy is very kind but also respectable. When we communicate she is friendly and very easy to work with. She has set a high standard for editors I will work with in the future and I can only hope I am able to work alongside of her for a great length of time.”


Danielle Royalty, Freelance Writer