Ghosts, Thrones, and a Big Bucket of “OMG, HOW OLD AM I???!”

The Freelance Writing Front has been incredibly busy with ghostwriting projects lately. So far, this has been one of the most rewarding projects to work on. I’ve been able to research a number of topics that interest me while honing my writing skills.

In addition to that, Casa DeVore has brought forth a number of surprises. One of which was an old, indoor (read: hollow) door in the garage. I’ve since converted it into my new desk:


Yes, it is huge. Yes, I feel all mighty and powerful when I sit behind it. Yes, I am more productive because of that.

I’m still working on making my office into an inspirational haven. Once that is accomplished, I plan on hanging my homemade “Word Mine” sign on the door. But until then, I will continue to work on perfecting my space as well as my craft.

*start existential moment*

My thirtieth birthday is looming around the corner. While I assumed that I would be more anxious and depressed, I think I can safely say that I am content with where my life is. I am making money doing what I want. I am happily married. We are working toward owning our own home. We have made this place feel like a home. We’ve been making some new friends. I’m crossing off items and adding items to my bucket list.

I look back at past opportunities that I might have missed, where I was told that “I’m not ready yet” and I think to myself,

“Anyone that wants to be a part of my journey – instead of demanding that I should be perfect before forming that bond – deserves me after my journey is complete.”

That being said, I’m not sure if anyone will ever be finished with that journey until they pass on. My life will always be one of motion and striving for achievements. Once I reach a goal, I begin the process of finding a new one. It is a never-ending cycle and I love it. It keeps me on my toes. That and there’s usually a celebratory glass of wine or piece of cake after I achieve something.

*end existential moment*

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Love, Joy


The Professional Quarter Life Crisis Predicament

There comes a point in everyone’s life where you hit a wall. You are just chugging along and thinking everything is fine…, then all of a sudden – BAM. Wall.

Some people panic:

“Oh my god! What happened? Do I have all my limbs? I’m dead, aren’t I? I’m dead and I’ve gone to heaven. Or… Is this hell?” *looks around* “Shit…”

Other people make the most of it:

“Well, I was kind of tired anyway. Maybe I’ll just sit down for a bit.”

Still, others will become desperate to get out of their situation.

Now, I’m not literally talking about walking smack-dab into a wall, of course. What I’m talking about are what are normally called “mid life crisis”. These are situations where we feel as though we haven’t accomplished what we need or want to have accomplished by our forties and fifties. In addition to that, people (women in particular) have a tendency of also experiencing a quarter life crisis. This occurs in the late twenties and is normally triggered by a lack of success in either career or relationship status.

(TL;DR: men and women freak out when they aren’t married or have direction in their professional lives by their thirties.)

Having just been married, I haven’t been going through that and in order to avoid this situation all together, I’ve been working on a little experiment.

Professional dissatisfaction is usually caused by the feeling of being unappreciated at work or a disappointment in your current position at work. Luckily for me, I get to do what I love everyday. I am my own boss and (if I say so myself) I’m a pretty awesome boss. Because of that, I feel appreciated at work.

As for “being disappointed in my current position at work” I wouldn’t agree with that either. However, I feel as though I won’t actually be satisfied with my work for a long time. Something like your career should always be a work in progress for a long time. I believe that to be one of the ways that we can stay interested in one field for so long: constant successes, reaching short terms goals in line with a long term goal.

With that in mind, I have created – what I like to call – my FREELANCE WRITING BUCKET LIST. Since I work in a field which splits into hundreds of different specialties, I’ve compiled a list of projects and contracts that I would like to work on over the next two years. Along with my personal five-year plan, I have also come up with a professional five-year plan. I have also broken that down into five one-year plans. Then, I broke it down even further.

Among the items of this list are:

  • Crowdfund My Creative Writing for Publication,
  • Write a Newsletter,
  • Compose a White Paper,
  • Sell My Poetry,
  • Contribute to Alternate Weeklies,
  • Get Published in a Mainstream Magazine
  • Contribute to a Travel Guide,
  • Etc.

In addition to my FREELANCE WRITING BUCKET LIST I have also composed a FICTION WRITING BUCKET LIST. I’m certain that with short and long term goals in various aspects of my work, I will continue to improve, hone my craft, and keep my vigor for the written word.

I hope that all of you have the same enthusiasm for your work. Do you have a five-year plan for work? Do you have both short term and long term goals?

Love, Joy

The Downfall of Ambition

I’ve found that being ambitious can be quite taxing and distracting. At any one time, I have at least three projects going at the same time: a professional project, a home improvement project (ah, the joys of home-ownership), and a creative project. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about having projects to work on. I would rather be busy than the alternative – which would drive me bonkers.

That being said, all of these projects have a tendency of getting distracting. Since moving into the townhouse (Casa DeVore? DeVo-micile? We’re still working on the name…), I’ve been itching to do some home improvement projects. That’s why this has become my new rewards system.

Like most people, I work best when provided with positive reinforcement. This works best on Mondays – when I’ve spent the last two days working on personal projects and I don’t feel like going back to work. I’ll assign myself a home improvement project to work on after I get all of my professional tasks done for the day.


It’s usually a small task that can be done while Netflix plays in the background. Sometimes, it’s just a part of a project: ordering a piece of the puzzle, even just organizing my shiny, new home office. You must think that I’ve already gone crazy, right?

“You reward yourself with organizing?”

I’ve heard that when it comes to home improvement, the newness wears off quickly. I want to take advantage of my enthusiasm while I still have it.


Professional improvement is something that I strive for. However, the 2015 goals that I made in at the beginning of the year weren’t quite specific enough. With the major changes that have been going on in my life, I’ve decided to reflect those changes in my goals. I’ve also started a vision board for my bucket list to help me keep everything in perspective.

I’ve been looking into writing courses to help me stay in the loop when it comes to new trends and to keep my skills sharp.

How do you stay active in the writing community? What do you do in order to make sure that you know what the latest trends are? How do you hone your skills?


Well, it’s back to the word mines for me.

Love, Joy

Wondering Why It’s Been So Quiet?

Things have finally begun to quiet down at Casa DeVore. I’ve started to regularly update the blog with pictures and news. I’ve been busy ghostwriting lately. However, I’m starting a new fiction project. “The Board” is starting to fill up with all of the plot elements. It’s quite magni-florious, I must say.

Anyway, it’s back to the word mines for me.

Happy Friday!

Love, Joy

6 Reasons to Start Ghostwriting (& Updates Also)

It may have seemed like I’ve disappeared off of the face of the earth. However, it is exactly the opposite. I’ve been extremely busy. Check out my antics on my wedding blog. I’ve had some big changes in my life lately: planning for my wedding, moving into my first home with my fiance, etc.

You can also find my latest articles on including an interview with Mikey Bustos and a wonderful article featuring some of the women writers from one of my online writing groups. I’ve also been writing for a financial company called BorrowBuddi, where I’ve learned all about improving your credit rating.

I have also been doing a lot of ghostwriting  on various topics. While some people may not enjoy writing material that won’t eventually have their bylines attached to it, I find it rewarding because:

  • I get to practice my craft,
  • I feel as though I am getting paid to learn about different topics because, well, I AM!
  • I get to see my words published in various forms,
  • I don’t have to worry about doing promotions, advertising, and marketing,
  • I get a chance to help people improve upon themselves, and
  • I get paid to do what I love.

Ghostwriting isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try.

Love, Joy