Freelancing Services

I offer many writing-related services. While I currently specialize in many different genres, subjects, and forms, I am always looking to expand my horizons. Like I always say,

“My services are only limited to the creativity of my clients.”

My main areas of expertise are copy-writing, content writing, and blogging in these areas:


  • Women’s Interest
  • DIY and Craft: Sewing, Jewelry Making, Paper-crafting, Scrap-booking, Baking, etc.
  • Health and Wellness
  • Relationship and Dating
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Humor
  • Regional: Pacific Northwest Activities (camping, hiking, water sports, bicycling, etc.)
  • Regional: Pacific Northwest Specialties (coffee, the music scene, outdoor education, etc.)
  • Creative Writing: Various Aspects of The Writing Process
  • Elementary Education and Educational After-School Activities


If you would like a sample of my work or if you would like to try out a test piece (for a nominal fee), send a request on my Contact Me page.

On average, my prices are as follows:

  • Write A Guest Post For A Blog: Free
  • Host A Guest Post On My Blog: Free
  • Advertorials: $20 – $30
  • Get Hired As A Ghostwriter: Per Project Basis
  • Create An Ebook: Per Project Basis
  • Format Books For Self-Publishing On Amazon: $75
  • Write Book Jacket Blurbs: $25
  • Web Copy For Businesses
  • Draft “About” Pages For Companies & Individuals: $25 per page
  • Compose A White Paper: Per Project Basis
  • Press Release: $25 per Press Release
  • Craft Social Media Updates: $800 per month
  • Craft Social Media Biographies: $50
  • Newsletters: $20 per page
  • Write Company Manifestos: Per Project Basis
  • Article fees, depending on content and size – generally 400 to 1200 words. Fee Range: $50 to $300
  • Kickstarter Copy: $25 per project
  • Copy For Product Packaging: $5 per product
  • Compose Jingles
  • Greeting Cards: $25 per card
  • Speeches: Per Project Basis
  • Revise Resumes: $25 per resume
  • Edit Theses & Dissertations: Per Project Basis
  • Transcribe Interviews: $25 per page
  • Write Captions: Per Project Basis
  • Craft Love Letters: $25 per page
  • Polish Online Dating Profiles: $25 per profile
  • Personalized Wedding Vows: $15 per vow
  • Create Personal Biographies: Per Project Basis
  • Develop Family Histories: Per Project Basis
  • Personal e-mail, depending on content and size. Fee Range: $50 to $200 per email
  • Poetry: Per Project Basis
  • Copy For Games: Per Project Basis
  • Song Lyrics: Per Project Basis
  • Youtube Dialogue: Per Project Basis
  • Grants: Per Project Basis
  • Translator: Per Project Basis

That being said, my prices are negotiable and generally run on a case-by-case basis. I also offer other services. Feel free to ask if you want something done.


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