Ghosts, Thrones, and a Big Bucket of “OMG, HOW OLD AM I???!”

The Freelance Writing Front has been incredibly busy with ghostwriting projects lately. So far, this has been one of the most rewarding projects to work on. I’ve been able to research a number of topics that interest me while honing my writing skills.

In addition to that, Casa DeVore has brought forth a number of surprises. One of which was an old, indoor (read: hollow) door in the garage. I’ve since converted it into my new desk:


Yes, it is huge. Yes, I feel all mighty and powerful when I sit behind it. Yes, I am more productive because of that.

I’m still working on making my office into an inspirational haven. Once that is accomplished, I plan on hanging my homemade “Word Mine” sign on the door. But until then, I will continue to work on perfecting my space as well as my craft.

*start existential moment*

My thirtieth birthday is looming around the corner. While I assumed that I would be more anxious and depressed, I think I can safely say that I am content with where my life is. I am making money doing what I want. I am happily married. We are working toward owning our own home. We have made this place feel like a home. We’ve been making some new friends. I’m crossing off items and adding items to my bucket list.

I look back at past opportunities that I might have missed, where I was told that “I’m not ready yet” and I think to myself,

“Anyone that wants to be a part of my journey – instead of demanding that I should be perfect before forming that bond – deserves me after my journey is complete.”

That being said, I’m not sure if anyone will ever be finished with that journey until they pass on. My life will always be one of motion and striving for achievements. Once I reach a goal, I begin the process of finding a new one. It is a never-ending cycle and I love it. It keeps me on my toes. That and there’s usually a celebratory glass of wine or piece of cake after I achieve something.

*end existential moment*

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Love, Joy


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