The Downfall of Ambition

I’ve found that being ambitious can be quite taxing and distracting. At any one time, I have at least three projects going at the same time: a professional project, a home improvement project (ah, the joys of home-ownership), and a creative project. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about having projects to work on. I would rather be busy than the alternative – which would drive me bonkers.

That being said, all of these projects have a tendency of getting distracting. Since moving into the townhouse (Casa DeVore? DeVo-micile? We’re still working on the name…), I’ve been itching to do some home improvement projects. That’s why this has become my new rewards system.

Like most people, I work best when provided with positive reinforcement. This works best on Mondays – when I’ve spent the last two days working on personal projects and I don’t feel like going back to work. I’ll assign myself a home improvement project to work on after I get all of my professional tasks done for the day.


It’s usually a small task that can be done while Netflix plays in the background. Sometimes, it’s just a part of a project: ordering a piece of the puzzle, even just organizing my shiny, new home office. You must think that I’ve already gone crazy, right?

“You reward yourself with organizing?”

I’ve heard that when it comes to home improvement, the newness wears off quickly. I want to take advantage of my enthusiasm while I still have it.


Professional improvement is something that I strive for. However, the 2015 goals that I made in at the beginning of the year weren’t quite specific enough. With the major changes that have been going on in my life, I’ve decided to reflect those changes in my goals. I’ve also started a vision board for my bucket list to help me keep everything in perspective.

I’ve been looking into writing courses to help me stay in the loop when it comes to new trends and to keep my skills sharp.

How do you stay active in the writing community? What do you do in order to make sure that you know what the latest trends are? How do you hone your skills?


Well, it’s back to the word mines for me.

Love, Joy


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