Personal Goals


*Note: I didn’t create the feature image. The wonderful world of the internet provided it for me. If this is your image and if you would like me to give you credit or if you would like me to take it down, send me a message and I will happily do so.

While I don’t claim to idolize Nicholas Sparks (I’ve heard some really irritating things about him), I do admire his work ethic – in addition to Stephen King’s tenacity!

I write more than 2000 words a day but they are all for my freelance job (non-fiction), and I would love it if I was as prolific in fiction.


i am on a new project called “Pagebackers” which will publish my first chapter of several books. The premise is: those who are interested in these chapters will pay me money to create the rest of the book. It is an interesting concept and, hopefully, one that will invigorate my tenacity for writing fiction.

Well, it’s back to the word mines for me.

Love, Joy



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