Leftwing & Kody, Thom McFadden, and Snowmen Eggs. Yep, I’m Definitely Name Dropping…

Hello! Happy Friday! There are some great things that I would like to share with you today!

The first is my very first interview on Beats Media with duo Leftwing & Kody. I had a blast doing this interview and I’m looking forward to doing more!

The second is a blog post about meditation on Thom McFadden’s website. Thom is a great guy and he’s very knowledgeable. He’s taught me so much about presenting information (via speeches and “on paper”). I’ve learned so much about communicating by working for him.

In addition to that, it’s been super cold here in the great Pacific Northwest. It officially feels like NaNoWriMo because I busted out my fingerless gloves for work and for fiction. When I sit at my desk I kind of look like these…

egg snowmen

Aren’t these precious?! Of course, you’ll probably want to take out the peppercorns before you eat them. You can find the recipe here.

Yes, that was a lame (but true) excuse to share that adorable picture with you. Seriously though, aren’t they cute?

Have a great weekend!

Love, Joy



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