Fiction and Non-Fiction Happenings in November

So far, November has been a busy busy month (as you can see from one of my previous posts here). In addition to all of the fiction projects that I am working on, I’ve also been putting up a lot of news articles for Beats Media. Check them out here:

“You Don’t Need to Take Drugs to Have a Good Time” (which was about Seattle’s FreakNight shutdown)

“Ebola: The New Saturday Night Fever” (which was about the Ebola scare at one of the clubs in New York)

“Life is a CirKiz” (which was about a great organization for kids in New York)


“AlphaShere is Going Global” (which was about the great “new” tool/instrument/MIDI keyboard out on the market)

For more work and articles that I’ve written for Beats Media, check out the News Page here.


Love, Joy


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