Every writer needs one. You know Christmas is coming up soon, right?

I met a bunch of great people (writers in particular) when I spent some time with my fiance in Florida (we helped take care of his grandparents for a while). I learned a lot from that experience – about health, Alzheimer’s, writing, goals, family, etc.

One of the writers that I met when we were there (I had joined a critique group) is a typewriter expert and fanatic. I am in awe of her collection. Anyway, she posted this link on her FB page and I must say… Why is it that no one thought of this sooner?

The Hemingwrite.

What is it? Their site says:

“The Hemingwrite is-a single purpose, distraction-free writing composition device. It combines the simplicity of a 90s era word processor with the modern tech we all require like cloud backups and integration into our favorite document editors like Google docs and Evernote.”

A Distraction Free Writing Tool

  • Mechanical keyboard
  • E-ink display with backlight
  • Beautiful retro design
  • Evernote cloud backup
  • Engineered to last decades
  • The perfect gift

As much time as I spend camping and writing in tents and cabins during Jake’s reenactments… I just think…


What do you think, fellow writers? Would you have a use for one or do you prefer your laptop or a notebook when writing on the go? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Jot down your ideas and questions in the comment section below!

Love, Joy


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