Jukely Does What Netflix Can’t – Get You Off Your Couch

My latest article up on Beats Media is called “Get Up & Get Out with Jukely Unlimited“. It’s about a fantastic music app available for New Yorkers. *sigh* When they expand their reach to Seattle, I’ll be all over it.

Don’t let this title give you the wrong idea. I’m a big fan of Netflix, especially this month after they made these shows available for my procrastinating pleasure:

  • Gilmore Girls (my inner teenager did a happy dance)
  • Season 9 of Supernatural (Yes, that fictitious story in the article was loosely based on me.),
  • The latest season of The Following, and
  • Good Eats

I am looking forward to the last season of American Horror Story. It’ll be my own personal carrot at the end of the month, after I get all of my short story outlines done for this year’s NaNoWriMo.

Love,  Joy


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