Happy Friday, Everyone!


The sun is shining and I’ve got lots of work to do on this fabulous Friday morning.

I love the ability to uproot my whole office and work in a different location for a change of pace.

Today’s setting is a cafe. The great thing about this one is that I can sit in the “back room” and still feel the warm breeze and sunshine from outside because they’ve got the, ahem, “wall” open. This particular room is set up like a garage where one entire wall is a door that they can raise on sunny days like today.

This is my inbox today. Looks like I’m going to be sifting through bands all morning. Though, I must say that there are worse ways to spend a sunny Friday morning at Cafe Noir. 😉

Interview with a drummer from New York-based band, Jon and the Jones today as well. Look for that feature on Musikface soon. In the meantime, if you’re into some soulful indie rock, check out their website for some great music.

I hope that everyone has a productive Friday and a fantastic weekend!




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