Reinvention, Innovation, and Personal Improvement

It’s time for another awesome link that I found while I was researching a topic for work. As of late, I’ve been going through a quarter life crisis. Yes, it’s been the whole,

What am I doing? Do I like who I’ve become? Do I believe in myself? Why does [my fiance] believe in me? [insert abhorrent complaining and sobbing here]

Part of it comes from personal inadequacies and the half stems from the looming writers’ conference that we will be attending next week.

Holy Rejection, Batman! That’s a lot of editors and agents!

Yes, I am fully aware of that. But I digress…

Today’s wonderful link will lead you to James Altucher‘s website. He is a trader, writer, investor, and entrepreneur who wrote this great blog post about reinventing yourself. I’ve been muddling through the idea of reinvention — specifically what it takes to change my point of view of myself.

This article is a great, general starter guide to creating the type of person that you want to be. If you’ve wanted to change it up a little (change degrees, careers, work on personal improvement, etc.) check out the link and let us know if it helped you.

Love, Joy



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