50 Coolest Writers of All Time

If you’re looking to procrastinate from work on this lovely Monday afternoon, check out this shortlist of the 50 Coolest Writers of All Time. I think that we can all agree that the title is a big presumptuous. “…of All Time”, really? But, while I agree that sometimes (okay, “a lot of the time”) female writers aren’t nearly as represented as they should be, that doesn’t negate the fact that all of these authors are great in their own way.

The people who commented on the article were very opinionated about the fact that their favorite authors didn’t make the cut. I know how they feel. I didn’t make the list either — just kidding.

Here’s your chance to voice your opinion. Which authors should have made the cut (but didn’t) and which authors shouldn’t have been on the list? I’m excited to hear your comments on the matter. Write your thoughts, questions, and ideas in the comment section below to share it with your fellow readers (and me too).


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